FiveM console command list

  • 2021-12-18 10:24:15
  • FiveM

FiveM console commands are codes that everyone can execute in clientside mode through a console that can be opened with F8.


By typing and sending cmdlist in the console we will have the list of the various commands available.


By sending this command, we will be able to have all the console messages directly on the screen, without having to open/close the console every time. We can also apply filters, as follows:

con_miniconChannels <pattern> so,

  • All messages: * (predefinito)
  • Messages coming from any resource: script:*
  • Messages coming from both resources: bankinge racing:script:banking script:racing

    Connecting to a FiveM server

    The best known and most used. With the connect command we can connect directly to a server, without having to look for it in the list, obviously we need to know the IP of the server, example of use: connect, obviously instead of, use the IP of the server to which we want to connect to.


    The disconnect command will allow us to exit the server and we will be returned to the main FiveM menu.


    By typing the command quit we will completely close FiveM.


    loadlevel alias, see the loadlevel page for more details.


    The cl_drawperf command will allow us to view the performance of our computer in real time within the server, including: FPS, ping, PacketLoss, CPU usage, GPU usage and CPU temperature.

    Usage: cl_drawperf <true|false>


    The cl_drawfps command will allow you to view the FPS on our screen.

    Usage: cl_drawfps <true|false>


    The netgraph command will provide real-time metrics on FiveM client network usage. The netgraph consists of a graph and basic information about the network, including: ping, packets sent / received, bytes sent / received

    Usage: netgraph <true|false>


    The resmon command is another command that will allow you to view the performance in real time, but in this case for each single resource installed on the server.

    Usage: resmon <true|false>