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Minecraft: Java Edition is the unaltered version of the game that you play on PC. Simple and fun!
Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is the version of Minecraft that you play on mobile, tablets, Xbox and Windows 10 edition.
Spigot Backed by a massive and active community, Spigot is a modified version of Minecraft that enables plugins & optimizations.
PaperMC A fork of Spigot that focuses on performance. Many additional optimization options & other quality of life features.
FTB Feed the Beast offers an exstensive collection of popular modpacks that are optimized for smooth gameplay.
Twitch The Twitch app distributes many of the most popular modpacks. Easily download and install modpacks right from the app.
Forge Forge is an open source modding API that allows you to alter Minecraft on both the client and server side.
Technic Launcher The Technic Platform offers a wide variety of flagship modpacks as well as many community contributed modpacks.
ATLauncher ATLauncher distributes a large number of the most popular modpacks. Users can easily download and install modpacks.
Bukkit Bukkit or Craftbukkit is the original API that allows users to add plugins to Minecraft. Currently maintained by Spigot.
Pixelmon Pixelmon is a fan-created modpack that merges the worlds of Minecraft and Pokemon! Capture, train and battle!
Voids Wrath Voids Wrath offers a collection of flagship modpacks with their own installer/launcher. Many of the modpacks are RPG based.
BungeeCord BungeeCord is a project developed and maintained by SpigotMC. It servers as a proxy for your Minecraft server!